About Us

Aron Hurley Koncepts Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2003 with the motive to provide Environmental Simulation Systems to meet stringent testing needs posed by nuclear, defence and space sector following trade restrictions.

We are the first company in the globe to conceptualize and translate 8000 Kgf shaker system in Air-cooled design erected at NSTL Vizag followed by 16000 Kgf large thrust shaker as a co-development with RCI, exploiting the technology to new standards.

To supplement the national development program of large thrust vibration systems in the country, we have indigenously manufactured, supplied and installed our most advanced first ever 300 kVA Power Amplifier to SDSC, SHAR/ ISRO for driving existing overseas Shaker.

We are an established reputation as an undisputed in all kinds of specialized Environmental Chambers ranging from consumer electronics and automobile engineering to hi-tech applications in avionics, aerospace and aircraft industry.

The continuing demand for engineering product to withstand tropical environment and dynamic conditions has made us an obvious choice. Increased reliability and performance are required for every product, ranging from consumer electronics to defence equipment and sub-systems.

Demonstration of product survival in a simulated environment, thus, becomes a prime requirement of most procurement planning. We are guided by the single-ended desire to emerge as a leading environmental testing solution provider. It is this dream that has steered us towards leadership in the country and takes us beyond the shores.