3000 Kgf Vibration System

The medium range of Shakers is designed online production test schedules of all sectors of industries and special research-oriented testing laboratories.

Automatic pneumatic operated load compensation system employs latest micro-electronics & optical sensors built into the shaker which helps in realising nominal displacement at all payloads.

The shaker’s electromagnet is energized by the solid-state field power supply interlocked electronically to the amplifier console and is placed within the console to save space.

The Solid State, MOSFET/IGBT based, switching type, air cooled, matched with shaker to achieve the rated Sine, Random and Shock testing capabilities. Modular construction, Compatible with all standard Controllers.

Exemplary safety interlocks are logged on to the microcontroller based intelligent logic unit, which is most user-friendly in communicating the system status and operation.

System Performance Metric American
Model Number EVG 300 EVG 300
Sine Force 3,000 Kgf 6,600 lbf
Random Force 3,000 Kgf 6,600 lbf
Shock Force 6,000 Kgf 13,200 lbf
Frequency Range DC to 2,800 Hz DC to 2,800 Hz
Armature Diameter 360 mm 14.1 in
Armature Material Magnesium Magnesium
Effective Armature Mass 35 Kg 77 lb
Continuous Displacement (peak to peak) 51 mm/ 63mm (optional) 2.0 in/ 2.5 in (optional)
Max Velocity 1.8 m/sec 5.9 ft/sec
Max Acceleration (Sine) 833 m/s2 (85 `g’) 85 `g’
First Resonant Frequency (±5%) bare table 2,600 Hz 2,600 Hz
Max. Static Payload Capacity 350 Kg 770 lb
Stray Magnetic Field <10 gauss <10 gauss
Cooling Type Air cooled Air cooled
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1420 x 885 x 1165 mm 55.9 x 34.8 x 45.8 in
Shaker weight 3500 Kg 7700 lb


Power Amplifier
Model Number PA 30SM PA 30SM
Rated Power Output 36 kVA 36 kVA
Power Efficiency >90% >90%
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) >70 dB >70 dB
Input Impedance 10 k Ohm 10 k Ohm
Input Sensitivity 4 Vrms 4 Vrms
Total Harmonic Distortion in resistive load Typically 0.5% Typically 0.5%
Cabinet Structure Single bay, rack mounted Single bay, rack mounted
Safety Protections Shaker Over Temperature, Shaker Over Travel, Mains Input Over/ Under Voltage, Amplifier Over Temperature, Cooling Air Flow Interlock, Field Fail, Loss of Input
Safety Compliance System complies with EMC, Low Voltage and Machinery Directives as per international safety requirements.

Note:    Above specifications are standard specifications subject to revision to continuous improvement/ developmental activities without prior notice.