Integrated Chamber

A very broad range of automotive & electronic components can be subjected to combined tests with chamber integrated to Electrodynamic Vibration system as per the desired rate of change of temperature.

Environmental Simulation Vibration Integrated as per customer’s specifications.
Temperature Range -70°C to +180°C
Rate of Heating & Cooling 1°C/min to 5°C/min for an empty chamber.
Relative Humidity Range 20% to 95% RH
Construction Interior & Exterior constructed with stain finish stainless steel
Viewing window 300mm x 300mm with illumination, six panes of toughened glass filled with dry air.
Controller Micro controller based programmable unit
Port holes Pluggable
Interface LAN/ Serial
Floor Changeable
Integration Axis Both, vertical and horizontal axes as per customer’s specifications.
Input Three Phase Supply