Thermal Shock Chamber

Test Chambers are engineered to an extremely high standard and manufactured international quality norms with emphasis on reliability and economy of use, meeting your standards as per following parameters.

The use of the most up to date Controller allow these chambers to be currently the best in the world and with their attractive stainless steel exterior, will enhance any test facility.

The equipment is of the front entry type and consists of two compartments, upper for high temperature and lower for low temperature. The product is loaded into the working space transfer basket which will pass from hot to cold and vice versa in order to induce thermal shock.

The thermal mass in each compartment (i.e. walls, air mover, heat exchangers) are pre-conditioned to a temperature exceeding the target temperature, thus having a thermal reserve so as to enhance the temperature shock in both cooling and heating compartments.

The system is intrinsically safe and can only be loaded or unloaded when the temperature in the hot compartment is in a safe temperature zone.

Basket Size 300x300x300mm to 500x500x500mm
Hot Zone Ambient to +180°C
Cold Zone Ambient to -70°C
Transfer Pneumatic shift of basket
Construction Stainless steel interior & exterior
Viewing Window Both hot & cold zones