Power Amplifier


Aron Hurley Solid State MOSFET/ IGBT based, Digital Switching type Power Amplifier designed with latest state-of-the-art technology. Power amplifiers are composed of the logical unit, power unit and control unit, with prominent advantages of power stability, reliability, efficient, energy saving, modular structure and easy to maintenance.

They are digitally modulated with a high frequency pulse width modulated signal with efficiency of over 90%. Their modular construction makes them easy to handle and arrange for maximum output power with direct coupling to any resistive or inductive load. Integral air cooled design ensures continuous duty cycle without sacrificing performance at peak temperature and humidity.

pa2The microprocessor digital logic unit and logic control system assures high output power with maximum safety protection. High switching frequency delivers low distortion with full power output over a broad frequency band.

The user interface of this logic unit is made much friendlier with soft touch keys and alphanumeric display for indicating the governing parameters and the interlocks for triping the system in case of malfunction. If a system tripping is experienced, a clamp circuit will reduce the input signal to disable the Amplifier output.

System interlocks are designed on the microcontroller hardware digital logic circuits and protection signals are routed via the isolators and buffers for proper latching of the respective cause.

Aron Hurley has a rich experience in manufacturing of Power Amplifier to meet the requirement of any brand of vibration systems. Our experience engineering team will ensure that the amplifier can perfectly match with the existing vibration shaker with same performance and without any compatibility risk.

pa3Assembled in industry standard modular racks, all modules of our Power Amplifier are rack mountable. Removing and installing modules is made easy via guide rails on which every module is designed to slide. Designed to meet international design and safety standards, every module of our Power Amplifier is feature rich and contains its own power entry, power filtering, error indication and EMI conforming systems.

The most important section of the Amplifier is the power section. Each module has separate pulse width modulation in bridge configuration with high frequency filtering.

Power modules are stacked over each other, provide continuous duty RMS rated voltage and current to low resistive and highly inductive loads. LC filtering inside each module takes care of the non-linear behaviour of armature in full frequency band, eliminating the need of a matching transformer in todays design concept.

Any of the module can be used as a master or slave depending upon which module the control Master card is plugged into. Command signals are routed via multi layer noise free interconnect PCB’s and the output connections are thru low inductance bus bars.

Hi frequency attenuation is done by the L-C filters for true output. The feedback loop automatically adjusts for stable and precise output w.r.t variations in load, power and input supply. This multistage feedback system also minimise the distortion and gives high signal to noise ratio. The over current signal is sensed by non-contact type LEM sensors that triggers to inhibit the MOS driver and  PWM input to the driver circuit.