Vertical Load Support

VLS on ShakerSome test objects are not uniform and require eccentric or overhanging loading. In X and Y axis, the Horizontal Slip Table constraints the Armature of the shaker in one direction using bearings, but in Z axis, the same is not true for the Head Expander. A Head Expander is not supported by the shaker and there is a limit to how much working area you can increase using it for a given Armature size. For these non-uniform test objects, a Vertical Load Support (VLS) is provided which is a guided Head Expander. This attachment is supported by linear or hydrostatic bearings attached to the body of the shaker. The bearings constrain the motion of the VLS to Z axis only. Air bellows are provided for further support, if required. A Vertical Load Support can be designed in a square or rectangular shape based on the customer requirement.